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Factors Gas Prices Play in Fleet Tracking Return On Investment

High gas prices dictate the way many companies do business. Companies maintaining vehicles can’t afford to let fuel prices affect their bottom line. Many businesses invest in fleet tracking by to help them maintain the economical edge in this era of expensive fuel costs. The price of the technology pays for itself in terms of the fuel savings enjoyed by the company. The return on investment for technologies occurs by the following:
Routing Efficiency

By using this technology, companies are able to determine the most efficient routes for their drivers. Quicker, shorter routes translate into less fuel consumption. Dispatching vehicles to a destination near their current location also saves money by avoiding the use of an additional vehicle. Reduced fuel costs allow the company to retain more money for other expenditures.
Addressing Inefficient Drivers

Employees come from all walks of life and all types of driving backgrounds. Many company drivers operate vehicles as they do their own personal vehicles. Others do not take the business’ economical concerns seriously. Either way, driving at excessive speeds or unnecessarily accelerating quickly produce higher fuel costs. This allows the company to monitor driving behavior to take corrective action when necessary. Use of this technology helps businesses create a uniform style of driving that ensures that fuel costs are minimized.
Info on Wear and Tear

It is well known that poorly maintained vehicles will use more fuel. Monitoring allows companies to keep track of mileage and other wear and tear. This allows the company to schedule maintenance sessions at regular intervals to maximize fuel efficiency and extend the life of the vehicle.
More on Gas Prices

The fluctuation of gas prices is always a factor in the ROI of fleet tracking. This summer alone saw an 0.9% increase in gas prices from the same time last year. Quarter 2 of this year saw a 1.7% increase in pricing when compared to the previous year. Although they might seem like minuscule changes, they affect high mileage vehicles most. As prices continue to rise, managers will have to rely more and more on tracking technology to help them rein in costs.