4 Steps to Releasing the Tension in Garage Door Service

garage door installationStep 2
Now that the tension spring has had the tension release and before we can start the garage door installation, make sure to disconnect the garage door opener from the door. The next step, starting from the top, is to remove the hinge screws. Once the screws from the topmost panel are removed simply slide the panel out. Repeat until all the panels are done.

Step 3
To start the actual installation, we are going to work backwards from the previous steps. Stack the door panels in front of the door and screw the hinges on between each successive panel. When you reach the top expect to see the garage door extend an inch or two above the opening. This is to keep the weather out.

Step 4
Now slide the wheels in to the side hinges then into the track. In a garage door installation, the need to be fairly precise is very important. At this point install the brackets to the rails per the manufacturer’s instructions. The last step is to attach the cable to the bottom panel, there should be a little hook for it to connect during the garage door service

Step 5
Assemble the spring assembly per the manufacturer’s instruction and connect to the straight rail. Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual to ensure that it is in the right location. Next, connect the curved part of the track to the ceiling. It is probably easiest to use the previous door’s location. Once that end is secure, join the curved part to the vertical track. Again, when performing a garage door installation, being fairly precise in putting it all together is important.

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